Construction Team

Casey Henke

Superintendent Estimator/
Safety Instructor

Email: [email protected]

Experience: 34 Years

Casey is an accomplished millwright with extensive experience as a construction manager for a variety of increasingly complex projects in food and beverage processing facilities as well as for other industries.

Kirk Palmer

Superintendent Estimator

Email: [email protected]

Experience: 40 Years

Kirk has over 33 years of Millwright experience and over 25 years of managing complex projects. He has extensive knowledge in food and beverage processing facilities and a variety of other industries.

Dion Henke

Shop Superintendent

Email: [email protected]

Experience: 32 Years

Dion has extensive experience in component design, fabrication, and installation of a wide variety of applications including conveyors, platforms, catwalks, machine bases, and all elements of a project.