Safety Comes First at HMI Industrial Contractors, Inc.

Safety is of greatest importance to the HMI team and it is never subordinate to schedule, cost, or profit. This means we continuously place focus on maintaining an incident-free workplace by integrating safety practices into daily operations. We are committed to the health and safety of every employee and we implement the safety standards of OSHA and the state of California into every aspect of our work. By providing training and outreach programs, we ensure safe and healthful working conditions and our EMR/Mod rating and our Workman’s Compensation claims are substantially lower than those of our competition.

Client Safety Programs

HMI maintains excellent client safety programs that include training and meetings as well as:

  • Implementation of loss control measures
  • On-site safety evaluations and inspections
  • OSHA logs
  • BioSite safety registration
  • Reviewing and updating of safety record keeping

Proud to have an “A” rating with ISNetworld